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Alloy tool steel

Tool Steel refers to a variety of carbon and alloy steels that are particularly well-suited to be made into tools. Which has distinctive hardness, resistance to abrasion and deformation, With a carbon content between 0.5% and 1.5%. They are commonly used for cutting, pressing, extruding, and other materials. 

There are main six groups of tool steels: 1. Water-hardening 2. Cold-work; 3. Shock-resistant;4. High-speed; 5. Hot-work; 6.Special purpose. The choice depends cost and your quality demand.

  Executive Standard / Typical steel / Specifications

International Standards

Typical steel

Product Specifications

ASTM Standard 

JIS  Standard

DIN Standard

A2 O1 D2 H11 H13 S7 P20


1.2080 1.2344 1.2379 1.2787

XB521 718 XB8407 XB8418

Hot Forged:Φ100~850

Hot Rolled:Φ20~200

Bright Bar:Φ3~300





A. Delivery state: hot-rolled, annealed and bright bars.

B. Can be custom-made as per your required specification. 

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